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A Perfect Pre-Workout Snack | blog

A Perfect Pre-Workout Snack


Honestly, I love peanut butter. However, because it is a legume that is susceptible to mold, it is smart to not over-indulge. So I am starting to put other nut butters to the test and today I tried cashew butter and love it.


Cashew butter is creamy and delicious. But again, best not to over consume this one too. But if you are a big peanut butter fan, I wanna encourage you to mix up the “butters” so that your body is getting variety.


Cashews can be prone to going rancid fast too. That is why it is best to purchase the whole cashew and not pieces. So, make sure you keep your cashew butter in the fridge after opening.


But this snack also has a super food berry sprinkled in the midst. Can you tell what that is?




Golgi Berries


Golgi berries are super nutritional! They:


  • are high in Vitamin C which is great to support your body when it is training hard.
  • high in fiber which is supportive in keeping our digestive track happy and healthy.
  • high in protein and trace minerals too, great for fueling muscle and muscle burns fat!


Pre-workout Snack


I whipped up this pre-workout snack in no time flat the other day! This is what I used:



Delicious, nutritious and easy breezy. Just clean and slice your apple, add a couple tablespoons of cashew butter and sprinkle with golgi berries. Sit and enjoy with the distraction of a computer, chew your food well.


It is best to be done eating at least an hour before you workout so that your body can use the energy in your practice or workout to build lean muscle. If it is using energy to digest your food, it won’t have the best chance it can to build you muscle and we all know muscle burns fat.


Fat Blasting Workouts


Speaking of burning fat…


My new yoga and fitness website has the funnest workouts (honestly people are having a crazy amount of FUN working out with me online) that are also time efficient and amazingly effective in burning fat and increasing lean muscle mass. However, I will have to send more out on that soon because at the very moment I am not accepting any more online clients. However, here is a great post I wrote about how to maximize fat blasting potential in your workouts. Check it out here, so you can get rocking now!


Also, my next yoga and fitness retreat here on Kauai is July 9-15th. If a dream vacation of yours includes sweating, being challenged on your mat and in your practices, learning new approaches to maximize your fitness potential (as well as waterfalls, sandy beaches, tropical sunshine and more), you are invited! More on that here. 


Aloha Sun Shines!







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