Samantha Fox Olson takes her 28 years of fitness experience and blends some of her favorite disciplines from: yoga, strength training, dance, plyometrics and more to create sweaty fun fitness workouts with a flair never offered until now.

These classes build strength, tone the body, burn fat, get your heart pumping and infuse a love for working out and moving our bodies! Some classes focus specifically on a certain muscle group (upper body, lower body, etc) while some train the entire body.

Some classes use only body weight, and others hand weights. The class descriptions under each video will let you know what each class offers. They are all incredibly unique!


These classes are perfect for the true beginner. Some of them will be more physically challenging than others, yet all are designed with a newbie in mind. They move slowly in comparison to the other levels and at the same time encourage you to challenge yourself. Beginner fusion classes are taught with a solid foundation of alignment to help you learn the basics with great skill and understanding. These videos are great for true beginners to fitness and for those that appreciate coming back to the basics every now and again.


These classes are appropriate for beginner level students without injuries to advanced athletes. Even in the modification mode, these classes move faster than the classes in the beginner vault of classes. Samantha offers modifications for beginners to stay in low intensity and low impact at the same time she guides the more seasoned practitioner into high intensity/impact. Listen to your body's needs; listen for the cues and take the modifications when needed. These practices are challenging and fun!


These practices are intense and include plenty of high intensity and high impact exercises. In these practices Samantha will not be giving modifications, so these classes are only recommended for those that are very in tune with their body and for those that have experience going big.




"I work out and practice yoga because it is a passion of mine, things that bring joy and positive energy into my life. It is not a chore or an obligation. It is love!"

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