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Get Access To My GET SUPER FIT Vault of ever-expanding yoga and fitness videos for an entire year: This is a program for you if you do not need to be held accountable and if you do not desire to have weekly fitness and yoga plans prepared for you. This program WILL give you direct access to almost all of the yoga, meditation and fitness videos that I will be using with my clients that want a more personalized path carved for them. This is a program that will keep your yoga and fitness journey fun, fresh and full of limitless possibilities in designing a body you love and a relationship to your body that will unlock greater freedom for you in all that you do!

VHB (Very Happy Bodies) Group Fitness Coaching:

This is a year yoga and fitness program too. It is for you if you know, that you know, that you know, that having guided support each week for an entire year is something that will keep you inspired, motivated and on track. THIS is my most popular program and the program where I see astonishing results. This is a group for you if you know the value of surrounding yourself with encouragement. My VHB group meets in a private FB group. Here I chose the videos you will be doing each week (first 3 weeks of every month), for the entire year! This is a group if saving time is important to you, and if freeing up mind space holds value to you because your path is laid out for you. This group is designed to propel you, regardless of your level now. This group additionally meets together in a group coaching phone conference once a month! On this call you have direct access with me to ask me any questions that will serve your next leaps forward. Additionally, my VHB members receive my 4 week FOOD GUIDE for free! This is a program for you if having a year of guidance, inspiration, and accountability on your fitness adventure will rock your world! It is fun, motivating and GOAL ACTIVATING! I am selective as to whom I allow into this VHB group. I hold this group space sacred as a portal where wild success is our only option.

One-OnOne Fitness Mastery Program:

This is a program for you if having all that the VHB group members receive PLUS 30 minute phone calls with me alone, every other week, for 4 months to really drive in a personal program for YOU that will catapult your results and get you out of your current plateau or universe of bad habits. Here we will uproot those mindsets that are subconsciously holding you back and keeping your stuck in the same old bad habits. Here I will guide you on your relationship with food and nutrition, will support you with meditations and visualizations that will set you on track to your most amazing body ever, and will be available for you specific needs and concerns. This is for you if you are stuck in the same old patterns and are ready for a huge shift mentally, spiritually and physically! I am selective to whom I will take on in this program too. If you are wishy-washy and not open to trying new techniques and diving deep into your being, this is not for you.



"I work out and practice yoga because it is a passion of mine, things that bring joy and positive energy into my life. It is not a chore or an obligation. It is love!"

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