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  • Alignment Tutorial: Seated In A Chair

    2014-07-09 | 20-35 Mins

    Sitting is the new smoking so if you are going to be doing it for long periods of time, you wanna make sure your alignment is on point. Otherwise you will reek havoc on your spine, low back, hips and more.
    This tutorial points out a couple ways to refine...More

  • Stretching It All Out Slowly, Yummmm

    2014-07-09 | 20-35 Mins

    This 13 minute gentle yoga practice can be used first thing in the morning to check in with your body, or even right before bed.

    The tempo is slow and we stretch the whole body out. Some poses include standing lateral hinges, pointy butt,...More
  • Beginner Yoga #3 of a 7 Week Series = Miraculous You

    2014-07-09 | 50-65 Mins

    This 62 minute beginner yoga class opens with a breath awareness meditation. There is a focus on opening the lower body and learning how the legs govern what happens in the low back and hips. A good practice to open your low back!

  • Beginner Yoga 7 Of A Series Of 7: Harmonize

    2014-07-09 | 65+ Mins

    This 71 minute beginner yoga class is moving towards a more intermediate level practice (class 7 in a series, so you are prepared to pick it up!) with a standing split sequence. In this class we focus on hips, forward bends and some twist with an emphasis o...More

  • Sensual, Fluid, Spiraling, Stretching

    2014-07-09 | 35-50 Mins

    This 38 minute stretching practice invites sensual energy to move you in a gentle and loving way. Lets explore the play of evoking an energy that is light and sensual!

    This yoga practice is slow, soft ...More

  • Yoga Basics Focus On Strength and Extension: Class 6/7

    2014-07-09 | 65+ Mins

    This 68 minute beginner yoga practice focuses on breathing, muscular energy and organic extension in a variety of poses including: lunges, twists, vira II, modified wide side angle stretch, thigh stretch, seated twist and a supine hip opener. A steady movin...More
  • Gentle Yoga Returning A Foul Mood To Love

    2014-07-09 | 50-65 Mins

    This 60 minute yoga practice is gentle with lots of pauses to bring the mind into the heart and self-heal angst, anger, foul moods (etc.). If you are looking for a practice with lots of poses, this is not for you. But if you are ope...More

  • Beginner Yoga #4 in A Series of 7

    2014-07-09 | 50-65 Mins

    In this 60 minute beginner yoga class we begin with an awareness meditation and close with a body awareness guided relaxation. The practice brings in standing poses. Warrior 2, modified side angle pose, wide leg forward bend and we begin to explore the spirals...More
  • Beginner Yoga 2 in A Series Of 7

    2014-07-09 | 50-65 Mins

    This 60 minute class opens with a guided meditation laying on our backs that softens the body and opens our energetic body. Gentle flow and refined work are both fused into this class to open the entire body with more of an emphasis on the upper back, chest an...More
  • Pranayama & Twists to INVIGORATE Mind & Body

    2014-07-09 | 5-20 Mins

    This 15 minute yoga practice mostly focuses on yoga breathing and Breath of Fire / Kapalabhati. Kapalabhati is not recommended for pregnant woman and can be great to cleanse and enliven our system. After that tutorial and practice we move into ...More




"I work out and practice yoga because it is a passion of mine, things that bring joy and positive energy into my life. It is not a chore or an obligation. It is love!"

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