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  • Fullness Of You Seated Yoga

    2015-08-02 | 35-50 Mins

    This 36 min yoga class is a feel good yoga practice appropriate for all levels. An entire session uses seated yoga postures that anchors us into our fullness and invites us to express ourselves from our innermost self with undulating and pulsing rhythms. Poses...More
  • Feel Good Yoga

    2015-07-18 | 50-65 Mins

    This 80 min all-level yoga practice starts out very slow and builds. The invitation is to let go of the roles and the agendas that are separating you from your most authentic and innermost self and to delight in how good it feels to be you. We start in a re...More

  • Feel Good Restorative Yoga

    2015-07-13 | 35-50 Mins

    This 36 min restorative yoga practice is gentle and rejuvenate with a deep invitation to connect to your innermost self and delight in the yumminess that is there. Grab a blanket or a bolster and a couple of blocks. Poses include a heart opening resting pose o...More
  • Inner Thighs Back And Apart, Torso Long And Lengthened

    2015-06-05 | 50-65 Mins

    This 62 min all level yoga practice uses 2 blocks, one strap and one yoga blanket. We explore creating space in the hamstrings and pelvis with big inner spiral, and space in the spine and torso with buoyant extension. Yumm. Poses include: forward folds, standi...More
  • The Miracle Inside. Yoga Poses To Open Upper Body.

    2015-05-14 | 50-65 Mins

    This 54 min. class uses a block and a strap and is appropriate for all levels. We are guided inward, connecting to the miracle that is always inside, and we are encouraged to express ourselves from this place in all we do. Yoga poses include: twisted child’s...More
  • Highway Of Communication & Intelligence

    2015-04-17 | 50-65 Mins

    This 64 min. yoga practice invites us to move in a mindful, pulsing manner as we connect to the intelligence inside. Yummm. Yoga postures include: cat/cow variations, down dog, plank, cobra, thigh stretches, parsvakonasana, vira II, ardha chandrasana, seated t...More
  • Choices & Consequences. Backbends and forward bends.

    2015-03-20 | 50-65 Mins

    This 63 minute yoga practice uses a rolled blanket/towel or an extra yoga mat and one yoga block. Poses include: scorpio down dog, crescent pose, heart opening crescent, bow  pose, ardha chandra chapasana, dolphin pose, urdhva danurasana at the wall and w...More
  • Inner Groin & Hamstring Stretches: Seated Yoga Poses

    2015-03-07 | 5-20 Mins

    This 13 minute stretch session uses all seated yoga poses to stretch out our inner thighs, inner groins and hamstring muscles. Poses include wide angle forward fold variations, janu sirsasana variations and paschimottanasana. Grab a couple blocks and a folded ...More
  • Inside & Outside. A Basic Yoga Stretch

    2015-02-28 | 5-20 Mins

    This 14 min. yoga stretch is appropriate for all levels. Poses include cat cow, anjaneasana, runners stretch, wide kneeling lunge, thigh stretches, supine hip opener and savasana. The intention inspires an inner refinement to impact our outer world. ...More
  • Strong Yoga Legs & Open Hips

    2014-12-27 | 20-35 Mins

    This 25 minute yoga class is all levels appropriate. It is a splice from a kick butt 64 minute class titled Yoga, Bootie Burn, Abs so take note there is an odd transition from standing to laying on back towards end but the entire but the whole thing works so e...More




"I work out and practice yoga because it is a passion of mine, things that bring joy and positive energy into my life. It is not a chore or an obligation. It is love!"

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