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  • A Quickie, Low Impact Hamstring And Butt Workout With Supine Yoga Stretches

    2017-11-08 | 20-35 Mins

    This 26 min. workout starts with a dynamic warm up and moves into 3 different exercises with a focus on sculpting and smoothing out the back of the legs and lifting dat boo-tay. Get a pair of hand weights and lets go. Exercises include: single leg dead lifts w...More
  • Butts N Guts: Ease

    2016-03-19 | 50-65 Mins

    This 61 min low impact workout targets the hamstrings, calves, glutes and abs. There are no crazy hard exercises in here (well the core work at the end maybe), but because the intervals are 1:00 each I am putting this in advanced fitness vault. We only rest 10...More
  • Pleasure and Senses

    2015-10-24 | 50-65 Mins

    This 53 minute practice uses a resistance loop and intervals 20 seconds of exercise with 10 seconds of rest. This low impact workout focuses on toning the core and the lower body.
    Exercises include forearm plank, side walks with the loop, forward fold repea...More
  • Yoga Fusion With Toning Exercises

    2015-02-14 | 35-50 Mins

    This 35 min fusion starts with yoga, works to the floor for butt, inner thigh and ab toning and finishes again with a nice stretch. Hand weights optional for floor toning work. Exercises include: crescent, plank, slow mountain climbers, dolphin pose, ab work, ...More
  • Yoga, Bootie Burn, Abs

    2014-12-27 | 50-65 Mins

    This 64 minute workout starts with a yoga practice and moves into resistance band/loop work, all 4s work to tone the butt and work laying on our sides to tone hips and core. Grab a pen and a pencil and a resistance loop. It’s time to bring the champion out t...More
  • Quickie Tone Up

    2014-12-14 | 5-20 Mins

    This 13 min workout works shoulders, abs and butt with exercises that tone such as down dog plank variations, one leg hip thrusters, forearm plank, bicycles, flutters and twists. ...More
  • Finishers: Side Waistline and Buns

    2014-11-09 | 5-20 Mins

    This 16 minute workout can be added to the end of any other workout to really finish off your abs, core, waistline and that boo-tay! Some fun an unique exercises here! If you wish to use this as a short workout alone, warm up and cool down with a little yoga s...More
  • A Low-Impact Slider Workout Targeting Butt & Belly

    2014-10-11 | 50-65 Mins

    This 51 minute workout uses sliders (paper plates if you have carpeting at home, or a slippery washcloth if you have wood floors) to target the quads, hammies and that boo-tay! We also train our entire core and we have some laughs doing it!

    FYI: I say w...More

  • HAC: Lower Body

    2014-09-28 | 50-65 Mins

    This 60 minute workout tones the legs and butt. We use a slider (paper plate or an envelope for carpet floors and a slippery washcloth for wooden floors), hand weights are optional, and we use a stool or chair for the Bulgarian Split Squats. In this video you ...More
  • Butt, Belly, Outer Thigh Finishers

    2014-09-14 | 5-20 Mins

    A short 6 minute workout that you could add to any workout to really finish off your buns, outer hips and abs. There is no warm up or cool down in this short "finisher" video.

    Looking for a short warm up to use with this? Try 12 Minutes Of Yoga To Rejuv...More




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