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  • Lower Body Make It Count NOW

    2017-11-01 | 20-35 Mins

    This 34 min. workout focuses on the lower body. We use one slider (slippery towel if on a wooden floor and paper plate if on a carpet) and a resistance loop. Exercises move in 50 second intervals with a 10 second rest and include: squats, squat jumps, speed lu...More
  • Goals. A Full Body Tabata Home Workout.

    2017-10-01 | 50-65 Mins

    This 62 min Tabata Protocol workout uses body weight only with the exception of one ab exercise that gives you an option of using one dumbbell (5-10 pounds).
    We start with an athletic warm up and then Tabata exercises include:
    1. Down dog push-ups, elb...More
  • Body Weight Only Whopper Workout

    2017-09-16 | 35-50 Mins

    This 48 minute workout intervals plyometric exercises such as skaters, burpees, jumping lunges and wide squat jumps with upper body exercises such as push ups and triceps dips. Be prepared to be huffing and puffing, muscles burning and heart a pumping. A great...More
  • #LegDay

    2015-12-07 | 65+ Mins

    This 90 minute workout uses hand weights in some of the exercises, and a resistance band. However you can get an amazing workout without using any equipment  too!
    A portion of this workout won a leg day contest on instagram, so I am titling this one #...More
  • Calm And Alert: Full Body Yoga Fusion Workout

    2015-10-30 | 20-35 Mins

    This 34 min all-levels fitness fusion workout intervals 50 seconds of cardio and full body exercises with 50 seconds of single leg balancing yoga postures. Exercises include: side shuffle runs, tree pose, skaters, standing 4 pose, squat jumps, dancer pose and ...More
  • Therapeutic Yoga Stretches For Feet And Ankles

    2014-09-14 | 50-65 Mins

    This 51 minute yoga class is a yoga therapy for your feet. Learn the significance and benefits of using: yoga toes, flointed feet, ankle joint symmetry and more in this instructional video. This is a great video for those wanting to create space in your feet, ...More
  • Gentle Seated Yoga With Back Body Focus And Meditation

    2014-07-27 | 5-20 Mins

    This 18 minute gentle yoga session is short and sweet. We never come standing and all poses are done seated or from all 4s and lots of breath awareness. Time is spent in seated meditation too. Come experience the breath in your back body, come and feel support...More
  • Beginner Yoga 5 of 7 In A Series: Inspiration!

    2014-07-23 | 50-65 Mins

    In this 60 minute beginner yoga class you will be invited to connect with, "What inspires you? What do you love about your life?" Ready to imprint these questions in a way that will light up your world and everyone else around you? Let's go!

    This clas...More

  • Beginner Yoga: Class 1 in a Series of 7

    2014-07-23 | 50-65 Mins

    In this 60 minute beginner yoga class you are invited to "Slow Down And Plug Into YOU." Brand new to yoga or wanting to really slow it down and refine basic alignment principles? Then this 60 minute beginner yoga class is for you.

    Down dog, forward fo...More

  • Easy Stretching & Foot Love

    2014-07-22 | 20-35 Mins

    This 17 minute gentle yoga practice starts seated with a self-care foot and calf massage! Other stretches include down dog, lateral flexion of spine, standing thigh stretch and seated forward fold. A great little offering of self-care for your lower body...More




"I work out and practice yoga because it is a passion of mine, things that bring joy and positive energy into my life. It is not a chore or an obligation. It is love!"

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