Resistance Loops

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  • Legs N Buns: Fear, Support, Dreams

    2018-07-23 | 50-65 Mins

    This 60 minute workout starts with a yoga warm up and moves into exercises with hand weights and a resistance band to tone legs and butt. Some exercises include: split lunges, wide squats, lateral walks with band, good morning / single leg dead lifts, hip thru...More
  • Lower Body Make It Count NOW

    2017-11-01 | 20-35 Mins

    This 34 min. workout focuses on the lower body. We use one slider (slippery towel if on a wooden floor and paper plate if on a carpet) and a resistance loop. Exercises move in 50 second intervals with a 10 second rest and include: squats, squat jumps, speed lu...More
  • Dig Deep, Stay Centered, Go Big

    2017-10-27 | 50-65 Mins

    This 60 minute fitness class is no joke but so good! We interval burpees and sun salutations until we are dripping in sweat yet you will keep being guided back to center and deep within. Then into lower body toning with a resistance loop and upper body kundali...More
  • Warm Up And Lower Body Workout

    2017-07-30 | 35-50 Mins

    This 38 min. workout uses one heavy hand weight and a resistance loop for a great lower body workout appropriate for all levels. Cool down on your own with a few good stretches. ...More
  • Bootie, Hammie, Thigh & Love

    2017-04-06 | 50-65 Mins

    This 64 minute all levels workout uses a resistance loop and one heavy weight or kettle bell (optional). A dynamic yoga warm up leads into an interval set of 9 different 50 second rounds with a 15 second rest. Exercises include low squat walks, resistant loop ...More
  • Entire Body Fitness And Yoga Stretch Into Savasana

    2016-08-14 | 35-50 Mins

    This 37 minute fitness fusion for all levels gets right into it with a standing series of squats and lunges to warm us up fast. We also use a resistance loop to tone the buns and legs. Upper body exercises include push-ups, side planks and jogs holding light h...More
  • Butts N Guts: Ease

    2016-03-19 | 50-65 Mins

    This 61 min low impact workout targets the hamstrings, calves, glutes and abs. There are no crazy hard exercises in here (well the core work at the end maybe), but because the intervals are 1:00 each I am putting this in advanced fitness vault. We only rest 10...More
  • What Is Already Awesome: Fusion For Full Body

    2015-12-19 | 65+ Mins

    This 67 minute practice is mostly low impact with the exception of one exercise which can be easily modified with side lunges. We begin with yoga and eventually move into a circuit of exercises to strengthen and lean out the lower body. Exercises use a hand...More

  • #LegDay

    2015-12-07 | 65+ Mins

    This 90 minute workout uses hand weights in some of the exercises, and a resistance band. However you can get an amazing workout without using any equipment  too!
    A portion of this workout won a leg day contest on instagram, so I am titling this one #...More
  • Pleasure and Senses

    2015-10-24 | 50-65 Mins

    This 53 minute practice uses a resistance loop and intervals 20 seconds of exercise with 10 seconds of rest. This low impact workout focuses on toning the core and the lower body.
    Exercises include forearm plank, side walks with the loop, forward fold repea...More




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