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  • Upper Body Yoga And Weights- Balancing Stress

    2017-06-23 | 65+ Mins

    This 85 minute practice starts with a yoga flow that includes lots of planks and some handstands to get the arms and core warmed up and ready for more. Our alignment here will be pulled into working with weights too, making that portion of the class even more ...More
  • Upper Body & Core Focus, Embody Spirit

    2017-05-22 | 65+ Mins

    This 90 minute practice uses hand weights and although the upper body is the target of this class, we do bring in the lower body too. We begin with guided dance to open the energetic body and physical body. Then moving into yoga poses to open the shoulders and...More
  • Upper Body & Core Strength Training

    2017-05-12 | 50-65 Mins

    This 55 minute low-impact workout strategically trains the entire upper body using handweights. We strengthen and sculpt the back, chest, biceps and triceps and finish with a solid ab workout to finish strong. A great upper body workout! ...More
  • Handstands, Bicep And Tricep Home Workout

    2016-05-14 | 35-50 Mins

    This 40 minute workout uses hand weights and targets the arms.We start with a tapping session and bring in a silly, playful vibe and warm up with some yoga stretches and handstand play (at wall too), before we work the bis and tris to exhaustion.Exercises i...More

  • UPPER BODY TABATA: Guest House

    2016-02-07 | 20-35 Mins

    This 29 min workout infuses 2 tabata sets that are more for strength building than cardio. Set one is variations of push-ups and set 2 is down dog tappers or windmills with forearm plank. We finish with a few stretches and a savasana. ...More
  • Upper Body Weight Training With A Tabata

    2016-01-29 | 65+ Mins

    This 90 minute advanced workout targets the upper body and uses hand weights. Tone, strengthen and  sculpt your deltoids, chest, triceps, biceps, core (abs) and back body magnificently.

    We begin with a meditation that will inspire your entire life ...More
  • Full emBody Workout: Upper Body Strengthening

    2015-08-13 | 20-35 Mins

    This 34 min. all-level workout focuses on strengthening the upper body. We start with an athletic warm up, move into upper body training and finish with a delicious yoga cool down. Although I mention using a slider and resistance loop at the beginning of th...More

  • Warm Up, Hard Core, Cool Down

    2015-05-02 | 20-35 Mins

    This 23 min workout starts with an athletic warm up, moves into a solid 8 minute interval set for the abs with lots of plank variations such as plank climbers, side plank twisting crunchers, forearm plank and criss cross through planks. We also work the back b...More
  • Back, Chest, Core Home Workout Training

    2015-04-03 | 20-35 Mins

    This 30 minute workout uses hand weights and strength trains the upper back, chest and abs. Warms up with some yoga flow and ends with just a few stretches. Feel free to add a little more stretch at the end if your body is craving it.  ...More
  • Cardio, Upper Body Tone, Cardio

    2015-01-04 | 20-35 Mins

    This 27 minute workout starts with yoga flow to open the shoulders and front body. We move into 3 different interval segments that go for one minute with a 10 second rest. Light hand weights are optional and exercises include: side shuffles with upper cut punc...More




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