Yoga Ball

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  • Yoga Warm Up, Abs, Yoga Cool Down

    2016-03-05 | 20-35 Mins

    This 34 min practice infuses yoga flow with some rocking and unique ab exercises. Some ab exercises include: creative side plank variations, V-up variations, bicycle variations, rope pull sit ups and lolasana variations. We engage all the abs here! Yoga cool d...More
  • Yoga Ball Workout: Core Fun

    2014-07-09 | 20-35 Mins

    This 33 minute core workout is packed full of unique ab exercises all done with a yoga ball. I open up with a couple minutes of talk-story centered around gratitude, receiving and self-worth. How much joy can we really receive? Let’s play! Oh,...More




"I work out and practice yoga because it is a passion of mine, things that bring joy and positive energy into my life. It is not a chore or an obligation. It is love!"

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