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  • Gentle Seated Yoga With Back Body Focus And Meditation

    2014-07-27 | 5-20 Mins

    This 18 minute gentle yoga session is short and sweet. We never come standing and all poses are done seated or from all 4s and lots of breath awareness. Time is spent in seated meditation too. Come experience the breath in your back body, come and feel support...More
  • When Mamas Happy, We All Happy

    2014-07-23 | 5-20 Mins

    This short 17 min yoga practice is a cool down to a full body workout, but is sequenced perfectly to be practiced alone as a short yoga session that opens your entire front body. We lengthen hip flexors, stretch our thighs and abs and open our heart with pos...More
  • Pranayama & Twists to INVIGORATE Mind & Body

    2014-07-09 | 5-20 Mins

    This 15 minute yoga practice mostly focuses on yoga breathing and Breath of Fire / Kapalabhati. Kapalabhati is not recommended for pregnant woman and can be great to cleanse and enliven our system. After that tutorial and practice we move into ...More

  • Seated Yoga In A Chair

    2014-07-09 | 5-20 Mins

    There is 6 minutes of yoga goodness here that you can do at your desk, in your chair! Release tension in your neck, low back, hips and wrists with this nourishing yoga break and see how good you can feel all day lon...More

  • Stand Up And Stretch: A Short Yoga Practice

    2014-07-09 | 5-20 Mins

    This 10 minute practice invites you to stand up and stretch sweetly with optimal alignment. A gentle and refreshing yoga practice.

    We start with opening the upper body, shoulders and upper back. We move into lateral flexion and bring more extension in...More




"I work out and practice yoga because it is a passion of mine, things that bring joy and positive energy into my life. It is not a chore or an obligation. It is love!"

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