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  • An Energizing Quickie: Not Too Traditional Of A Yoga Practice

    2014-07-21 | 5-20 Mins

    This 10 minute yoga practice is offered to gift your body and spirit with shimmering energy. It isn't your traditional yoga stretches, but it is yummy. :)


  • 12 Minutes Of Yoga To Rejuvenate Your Body

    2014-07-21 | 5-20 Mins

    This 10 minutes of movement will fill you with lightness and release tension. The entire session is done standing on our feet, so it is great a way to get on your feet and into your body in the morning, or to use as a pick me up at the office too.
    We use ac...More
  • A Fun, Yoga-Inspired Core Workout

    2014-07-20 | 5-20 Mins

    A 15 minute ab workout that comes from the inspiration of yoga poses. Many variations of planks here!

  • 15 Minutes Of Yoga

    2014-07-20 | 5-20 Mins

    Yay! You made the time today for a short and sweet yoga practice! We will do 14 yoga exercises, timed out for one minute each and they include standing poses, down dog and baby back bend. Strengthen your legs and open your body as you s...More

  • Stretches For Hips And Glutes

    2014-07-20 | 5-20 Mins

    This 20 minute yoga practice starts on all 4s and flows into seated poses and supine. Nothing standing. Poses include kneeling lunge with a twist, pigeon pose, thigh stretch, seated forward fold, fire log pose, and windshield wiper pose. A great short practice...More
  • Not Promised Tomorrow Yoga Flow

    2014-12-07 | 5-20 Mins

    This 12 min yoga practice flows with poses including: crescent variations, pigeon variations, cobra variations, down dog variations and ends with a seated finish that encourages us to live NOW. ...More
  • Inside & Outside. A Basic Yoga Stretch

    2015-02-28 | 5-20 Mins

    This 14 min. yoga stretch is appropriate for all levels. Poses include cat cow, anjaneasana, runners stretch, wide kneeling lunge, thigh stretches, supine hip opener and savasana. The intention inspires an inner refinement to impact our outer world. ...More
  • Inner Groin & Hamstring Stretches: Seated Yoga Poses

    2015-03-07 | 5-20 Mins

    This 13 minute stretch session uses all seated yoga poses to stretch out our inner thighs, inner groins and hamstring muscles. Poses include wide angle forward fold variations, janu sirsasana variations and paschimottanasana. Grab a couple blocks and a folded ...More




"I work out and practice yoga because it is a passion of mine, things that bring joy and positive energy into my life. It is not a chore or an obligation. It is love!"

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