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A Yoga-Inspired, Body Weight Only, Shoulder Workout

Shoulders are a fun area of the body to train. When our upper body is strong, we also have greater trust in our ability to play with really fun poses like handstands and other arm balance postures too.   Also, When our deltoids are toned and strong, there is also a great illusion that our waistline is narrow. So work those shoulders, and magically “trim” Read More →

Inspirations From An Avocado Tree

An avocado tree bearing it’s first fruits! How exciting is this?! For me it is an inspirational message from all the universe, oozing forth with nutritious goodness in a magnificent emerald green hue.   You see, you are NOT guaranteed you will get a tree that produces fruit when you start an avocado tree from seed. Yep, not all trees are true to seed in Read More →

6 Day Yoga & Fitness Immersion On Kauai, July 2013

Come PLAY, be challenged, explore greater alignment and connect to the miracle of having a BODY in this 6 day Yoga & Fitness Immersion on the North Shore of Kauai.   Each day provides a full spectrum of intensity and expression of embodiment. By the end of the week you will experience a deeper intimacy with yourself, a more clear understanding of your body’s optimal Read More →

Alignment Tips For The Seated Forward Folding Yoga Pose Paschimottanasana

Soaking it all in! What a yummy place to be.   Pashimottanasana is a forward folding yoga pose. Calming and soothing.   Keep your low back long as you fold and begin to fold inward by releasing your heart space towards your legs way before your head.   At the very end of this forward fold the entire spine can round, but not until then. Read More →

A Yoga And Fitness Intensive On Kauai

An Invitation To Rock The Potential Of Your Mind, Body and Heart   Who: All women who are willing to sweat, be challenged, have fun and go full out. What: Yoga and Fitness Intensive. A challenge that will rock your world! Where: North Shore Kauai, Kilauea Farms When: June 24-28; Monday-Friday; 7:00-9:30 am daily Why: To playfully and boldly jumpstart a greater potential and motivation within us that we can Read More →

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