Modify When Needed Full Body Toning, Low Impact Version

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This 30 min workout is made up of 3, 3-minute mini-blaster segments that include 30 seconds of toning exercises with 30 seconds of cardio Exercises include pistol squats, mountain climbers, forearm plank variations, down dog ab sequence, standing choppers (with or without a hand weight) We cool down with some basic yoga stretches to finish off this full body toning practice sweetly

What Moves You? HIIT Inspired By Emmanuel Jal

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This 45 min workout starts with a dynamic warm up and then into a smoking HIIT circuit where we go for 4 rounds using exercises that include: touchdowns, plank variations, burpees, side plank, split squat jumps and more Your heart rate will be kicking, your body dripping in sweat, and your spirit unleashed Go!Music played is by Emmanuel Jal and with permission Find out more about this amazing man here: http://emmanuel-jal webs com

I’m Gonna Make You Sweat HIIT Workout

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This 43 minute workout is no joke I was thinking I would add “and then make you want a nap” to the end of the title, but left that out heeheeThe intervals are 40 seconds of high intensity exercise and 20 seconds recover and 20/10 intervals too We keep this pace up for the meat of class and use hand weights on some exercises Nice yoga stretching cool down happens supine Laughter, intensity and fast twitch muscle fibers It’s all in this workout!Exercises include plyometric work such as rolling jump squats or squat jumps, split squat jumps, plank climbers, plank variations, and full body range of motion squat variations

Core Power With Towels & Yoga Blocks

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This 26 minute fusion workout starts with me reading you my personal love letter to myself and encourages deep self-love and self-worth (first 3 8 minutes of the video) What a better way to start a core workout right?!   Then a 3 minute warm up that includes yoga stretches and squats From there get our your towels for slider abs but I do give modifications for every exercise in case you don’t have a wooden floor to slide on These exercises are unique and will cultivate a powerful core connection Then oblique work, back body toning and yoga stretches to finish   Want the first part of this class that focuses on the buns? See the video titled "Butt & Outer Hip Burner With A Love Note" in the all-levels fitness vault that is 43 minutes long Want the full meditation that goes with this love letter? See the meditation vault for “Love Letter "

Intention. Decision. Lower Body Booty Burn.

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This 45 minute all-levels fitness workout focuses on the lower body and making a choice to be blessed and intentional in our bodies and lives After an active warm-up we go into an interval of front, back, side lunges, wiggly runs and toning work on all 4s A yoga stretch cool down opens our hips, stretches our glutes and thighs

Super Fcking Awesome Tabata & Full Body Strength

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This 24 minute video demos beginner and advanced versions Beginners use body weight only, take it at a pace that works for you, follow Jill More advanced practitioners will use hand weights and up the intensity by following Sam's lead We have a 4 minute warm-up before moving into four, 4-minute high intensity interval sets Working for 20 seconds on with a ten second rest First round of exercises include: thrusters and wide angle squats with a biceps curl hold Second round of exercises include: plank or renegade rows and mountain climbers Third round: lunge backs and low high jacks Forth round: burpees and butt kickers All exercises have a low impact variation offered making this appropriate for most levels Again, just find your pace Keep with it You will get stronger!


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