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A Perfect Pre-Workout Snack

Honestly, I love peanut butter. However, because it is a legume that is susceptible to mold, it is smart to not over-indulge. So I am starting to put other nut butters to the test and today I tried cashew butter and love it.   Cashew butter is creamy and delicious. But again, best not to over consume this one too. But if you are a Read More →

A Yoga-Inspired, Body Weight Only, Shoulder Workout

Shoulders are a fun area of the body to train. When our upper body is strong, we also have greater trust in our ability to play with really fun poses like handstands and other arm balance postures too.   Also, When our deltoids are toned and strong, there is also a great illusion that our waistline is narrow. So work those shoulders, and magically “trim” Read More →

Yoga & Fitness Exercises Fused To Tone & Tighten Your Buns

I love working my glutes! Squats and lunges are great exercises to lift yo’ booty, but if you are not mixing it up and keeping it creative, chances are you will get bored and it may start feeling like a chore to show up to your workouts.   I have a cure for that! Keep it fun, keep it playful, mix it up, and find Read More →

A Simple Fitness Tip That Drastically Changed My Life

I am a mama. I love my baby girl with all my heart and soul. However, I have learned that if I do not make myself a priority, making time to do the things that bring me happiness and joy, then I am doing nobody a favor.   I remember a time when my baby girl was an infant. Somewhere around 6 months old. I Read More →

A Yoga And Fitness Intensive On Kauai

An Invitation To Rock The Potential Of Your Mind, Body and Heart   Who: All women who are willing to sweat, be challenged, have fun and go full out. What: Yoga and Fitness Intensive. A challenge that will rock your world! Where: North Shore Kauai, Kilauea Farms When: June 24-28; Monday-Friday; 7:00-9:30 am daily Why: To playfully and boldly jumpstart a greater potential and motivation within us that we can Read More →

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